The Industrial Park

The Union County Redevelopment Commission has purchased 64.3 acres of ground located in Union Township, in Union County. This property is currently farm ground.

The closing date on the purchase of the property was December 7, 2007. The property was purchased with a grant of $478, 425.00 received from Lawrenceburg Regional Economic Development Grant Funding.

The site fronts on US Highway 27 and Stone Road. Indiana Eastern Railroad (IERR) gives rail access to the property on the west side. IERR is a short line railroad which runs from Fernald, Ohio to Richmond Indiana. (approximately 47 miles long). THE SITE IS AVAILABLE FOR DEVELOPMENT. The location is very beneficial for a company looking to settle in Southeastern Indiana. Property is designated as a TIF area and other incentives may be available from the county based on investment and job creation.

The site is approximately 4 miles southeast of Liberty, IN and 2 miles northwest of West College Corner, IN. The Ohio State Line divides West College Corner, IN and College Corner, OH. Direct access to Cincinnati, OH (approx. 40 miles); Interstate I 70 is 20 miles to the north. I 74 is 32 miles to the south. State roads: 44 runs east and west through Union County; 101 runs south out of Liberty through Franklin County. US Highway 27 runs north and south through Union County.

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